Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cityscape Art

Here is another post about our learning in Art this term.

Our focus has been learning how to use paints effectively. We have learned about the primary and secondary colours, and made some colour wheels by blending paints. We have also learned about using tints ans shades. A tint is a lighter colour made by adding white, whereas a shade is a darker colour made by adding black.

All the knowledge and skills that we picked up over the term have helped us in making our City Scape art. Everybody worked hard to make these works, and everybody can be proud of what they have accomplished.

The key points were learned were:
1 - In cityscapes, the colours used are lighter, and there is little detail. In the foreground, colurs are darker and there is greater detail.
2 - When blending paints to create new colours, always use small amounts at first. Even a small amount of a dark colour can make a huge difference to a lighter colour.
3 - Layout, colouring and brush strokes (texturing) can give the illusion of height and depth.

We hope that you enjoy our work.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kandinsky Art

A couple of weeks ago, we finally finished our calendar art, which was based around Wassily Kandinsky's work. He created a lot of art that contained various geometric shapes, including squares, triangles, circles, and many forms of lines.

We tried to emulate his work using pastels. Most students produced two of three works, while some made many more. Everybody chose the one they liked most, and submitted it for calendar art.

This movie is a compilation of the hard work everyone put into this unit. Well done guys!!