Sunday, May 2, 2010

Attacked by an Octopus

During the first week of term, Pod 11 read about a diver that was attacked by an Octopus just off the Wellington coast. Here is some of the information that Eva and Maggie learnt from the story.

"Attacked by an Octopus"

The divers were diving off the coast of Wellington. They were taking pictures of sea life for a book. They broke "the golden rule" of staying together. Dave was attacked by an octopus.

Dave had to let his camera go because the octopus was attacking it. The octopus “Enveloped the camera” which means it surrounding the camera. He dropped heavy rocks to distract it, but that didn’t work because the pressure of the water made them sink down gently. Dave tried to free himself by punching the octopus between the eyes.

Octopus are good mothers because they will do anything to protect their eggs/babies. The Octopus probably acted this way because it was trying to protect it’s eggs.
Four ways an Octopus can get away from danger are:
1.squeezing through tiny cracks
2.swimming away very fast
3.spraying ink
4. changing colour to match it’s surroundings

The story that we read is called "Attacked by an Octopus" From School Journal 1982, Part 4, Number 3, Pages 44-47.

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